Terrorism is terrorism. Whether State-sanctioned or Rogue. It’s all terrorism, and all the “eye for an eye” nonsense is just blinding everyone, to paraphrase Gandhi. An extra point is that sadly it’s also bolstering an over-glamorised, uninformed cowboy mentality. I don’t mind if someone wants to take himself down in a “blaze of glory” (although it does make me sad). I really do mind when they happily take down a few hundred innocents (who don’t yet want to die) with them. Equally, any country’s “defense” must treat all citizens’ lives as sacred – not merely those living inside their own borders.

People must not mistake this situation with its various cultural and religious labels. It is a war, but not between nations (or for nations), as most people are led to believe. It is a war between a dangerously corrupt government and a few dangerously corrupt rogue organisations (of which one is presently much more potent). It is being manipulated from behind the scenes by very rich and ruthless men (from within the “warzone”, and from around the world) to increase their own power and wealth. The whole facade of “ideals” is just being cynically exploited by these men as tools of manipulation, to stir up the emotions of the masses and keep them at breaking point.

The Palestinian and Israeli citizens need to both rise in solidarity and have a full-blown two-nation revolution against their own dysfunctional and immoral tyrants (I say “tyrants” for both countries because even “democratic election” is such an easily subverted system these days, when the price is right). Only after such a revolution can they try to mutually build a sensible solution together, based on the needs of the people. And the added bonus would be that shady multinationals like the Carlyle Group won’t be able to make so much money from it.

Following are some links which make valid points about how people are being misled and manipulated in both directions. For what it’s worth, each of them also include things which I suspect are not entirely correct too:







To summarise my opinion about all of this I recommend these two xkcd comic strips:



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