Following the uncharacteristically fast reactions of various “leaders” in the US to the recent unprecedented Wikileaks public-service – the exposure of a quarter-of-a-million diplomatic cables, I have several thoughts circulating around my head:

  1. What would have happened if there had been such a motivated and prompt reaction to the BP Oil disaster?…
  2. Since when did politicians and corporations take over the legal role of the courts? (a comment from this page posted at the The Student Room says: “Whether the death penalty should be given for murder is a political decision. Whether someone was guilty of that crime is a judicial decision.”)
  3. Are Amazon, EveryDNS, and PayPal setting dangerous and cowardly precedents [amazoneverydnspaypal articles], which large numbers of others will reference as excuses for behaving similarly, invoking the “to protect our profits” mantra and cloaking their actions in sanitized business-jargon to dilute the fact that when on ethically complex and exposed ground they merely chose to roll over?
  4. Will the above point leave those with the courage to expose the truth increasingly unprotected and isolated?
  5. Will attempts at maintaing data havens be hobbled by geographic limitations (having to protect every single cable connection to the nearest routers, and the nearest connections from those routers etc…), or by centralised organisation?

Reporters without Borders have strong opinions about the situation. Also, as always, slowly but surely, people keep finding new methods like anonymous hosting and new architectures like P2P DNS to dodge the bullets of the corrupt and immoral “leaders”…

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