It was a real downer to hear that Gary Moore (such a unique, multi-talented and prolific musician) died so young, and so unexpectedly (!?) the other day. Due to having a guitar-playing older brother who fanatically jammed along with his cassettes note-for-note as a teenager (late 80s, early 90s), my lasting impression of him will always be as a rock guitarist with an epic voice and often politically charged lyrics, rather than his more recently popular blues incarnation. I’m sure the mainstream channels will be pumping out more than enough of his blues stuff these days (which I love too), so as my little contribution, here is a youtube playlist of some of my favourites from his “other” stuff (from a career which spanned back to the 60s).

  1. Victims Of The Future
    • He actually had something to write and sing about, unlike so many of the cardboard cutout R ‘n B popsters these days. I guess coming from Belfast gave him an unfair advantage in terms of exposure to eye-opening experiences…

  2. Business As Usual (live at Montreux)
    • Many people love this song, but honestly it isn’t one of my favourites, but at this gig he played an epic and beautiful solo from 8:30 onwards to the end. That must have been awesome live.

  3. Led Clones (with Ozzy Osbourne also singing)
    • This song was about how there were too many rip-off artists drowning out good musicians with shallow copies and lots of marketing. The song is called “Led Clones” and is mostly aimed at a group called Kingdom Come who had just released an album totally ripping off Led Zeppelin’s style. I really sympathise with the frustrated/ripped-off artist feeling…

  4. What Are We Here For
    • This is one of those songs I like more each time I listen to it. Especially when he cuts loose near the end.

  5. The Loner
    • Moving, melancholic instrumental.

  6. Over The Hills And Far Away
    • From the Wild Frontier album which was a blatant re-investigation of his Celtic roots.

  7. Murder In The Skies
    • Blisteringly fast and furious solos in this one. Passionate song too, about when the Russians shot down a commercial plane flying to Korea, nearly provoking a nuclear war.

  8. Surrender
    • I like this song for its simplicity. And its soul.

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