I just watched “Beware: Killing Ads”, a well-made documentary (with English subtitles) by Manolis Andriotakis, about the out-of-control situation with illegal advertising street-billboards in Greece, the corrupt people who keep them there in spite of the law, and the disturbingly large number of families destroyed by the fatal accidents they have caused.

As a side-note, the statistics alone in this film serve as a sober reminder of not only how important it is to fight the pervasive corruption undermining so many aspects of our society (especially in Greece), but also as a reminder of how vulnerable we are on the roads, and how we must be sensible and conscious at all times, because adding an element which creates even a moment’s distraction can have the cumulative effect of thousands of deaths on the Greek roads. Your car may weigh a ton and be constructed of steel, but your body is not. And neither are the people in the cars around you.

I want to reiterate something I have said for years – Don’t leave learning the value of a seatbelt until you are already flying through your windscreen. By then it’s too late. I mean that literally (when driving), and figuratively (when condoning corruption, which is a social cancer that eventually becomes incurable and unstoppable).

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